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Eight Things I Learned From Moving My Family Across the Country

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash WHEW. Well, I've been absent for a bit! As I mentioned back in March, my husband and I accepted new teaching jobs for the upcoming school year. The positions are in the state of Wisconsin, so the last several months have been spent preparing for a move. This involved cleaning out our home… Continue reading Eight Things I Learned From Moving My Family Across the Country

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The Battle of Midway: Part I

""Sinking Sun": painting by Griffith Baily Coale, oil on canvas, 1942. Description: A U.S. Marine stands at parade rest on the bow of a PT boat as she moves slowly out to sea from Midway to give decent burial to Japanese fliers shot down on the islands during the battle. The red ball of the… Continue reading The Battle of Midway: Part I

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How (and Why) We Almost Went to War Over a Pig

Not every international conflict leads to destruction and violence. Our American Stories is featuring me in a 10-minute talk on a time when the U.S. and Britain almost went to war over a pig, but diplomacy triumphed. If you're interested in giving it a listen, here's the link! If you're interested in the story but… Continue reading How (and Why) We Almost Went to War Over a Pig

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The USS Lexington

One of the very first U.S. aircraft carriers, the USS Lexington (CV-2) played a fascinating role in history. Today, I'm visiting the Our American Stories podcast to share a bit about it. Here's the link if you'd like to stop by and check it out! If you head over, let me know what you think… Continue reading The USS Lexington

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Publishing a Series through Kickstarter- a Guest Post by Jonathon Mast

My three children are voracious readers. While I love seeing their excitement as they immerse themselves in imaginary adventures and mysteries, the speed with which they read makes it hard to keep them in fresh books! That’s one reason why I was fascinated when my friend, author Jonathon Mast, told me about his plan to… Continue reading Publishing a Series through Kickstarter- a Guest Post by Jonathon Mast

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77th Anniversary of V-E Day

This weekend marks the 77th anniversary of "V-E Day," the official declaration of Victory in Europe as the Second World War neared its end.  While I've read descriptions of the euphoric celebrations, I think that some of the images from the day capture the story best.  "The first flyers announcing the German surrender outside the… Continue reading 77th Anniversary of V-E Day



Photo courtesy of Anastasia Zhenina via. If the unassuming cover of William F. McMurdie's memoir didn't catch my eye as I browsed the stacks of the local discount bookstore, his title certainly did. Here's the Amazon link! Hey, Mac (etc.) tells the tale of the author, back when he was eighteen year old "Bill" McMurdie.… Continue reading HEY, MAC! THIS IS SERIOUS BUISNESS! A GUY COULD GET KILLED!

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Tangible History

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash I had high hopes of sharing a new post with you this week. It's in process still, as moving preparations continue to swallow all of my life that school and family haven't already consumed. However, as I sorted through the mess that is my room, I came upon a little box that… Continue reading Tangible History

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Exploring the Naval Undersea Museum

As my family and I prepare to move across the country this summer, we've started making our "must visit" list. What places do we need to explore again while we have the chance? This museum is a definite maybe—it was always a favorite and might be even better now that the kids have had four… Continue reading Exploring the Naval Undersea Museum

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Coping with COVID in the Classroom —

This post's timing is perfect as I'm heading off to my Spring Teacher's Conference today! Author, blogger, and tech teacher Jacqui Murray was kind enough to ask me to stop by her site and talk a bit about my experiences teaching in "Covid World" over the last few years. Below is the link if you'd… Continue reading Coping with COVID in the Classroom —