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Exploring the Quinault Rainforest

One view of Merriman Falls, located on the south shore of Lake Quinault Spring has reached the Pacific Northwest. The year-round shadows of Washington's evergreens are interspersed with fresh spouting leaves of maples and clusters of blooming rhododendron. The cold drizzle has started to turn to...well, warmer drizzle. It's time to venture outdoors! After searching… Continue reading Exploring the Quinault Rainforest

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Marvelous Mountains and Marmots

Hello Readers, Writers, and Nature Lovers! Summer is winding to a close, and taking with it chances to explore the outdoors before school begins again. The Clare family decided to seize the sunshine last week and explore one of my favorite places in Washington—Mt. Rainier National Park.  This isn't the first visit to Rainer that… Continue reading Marvelous Mountains and Marmots

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Exploring Mount Rainier National Park

The mad rush of the school year has consumed our lives. Between keeping up with the kids' homework and laundry and lunches, and managing teaching duties with the end of the first quarter looming ahead... well, let's not think about all of that right now. Fall break and family visits gave the Clare family excellent… Continue reading Exploring Mount Rainier National Park

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Great Blue Heron

Teaching Creative Writing was an excellent excuse to play around a bit with concrete poetry. (i.e. poetry where the shape of the text can be as important as the words in conveying a message.) The text is below, in case it's to difficult to read, though I do like it less without the proper shape.… Continue reading Great Blue Heron

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A Photo, A Kilt, An Italian Woman, and Many Questions

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, which works out well for today's post, as the school year is racing towards me and the majority of my words are being soaked up into lesson plans! Personally, I think that this extraordinary shot from the archives of The Imperial War Museum   is… Continue reading A Photo, A Kilt, An Italian Woman, and Many Questions