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Memorial Day- History and Remembrance

On the counter in the entryway of my church sits a box of plastic army men. Unlike the other little toys, books and crayons hanging nearby in "busy bags," these aren't meant for the children of the congregation. We have a significant number of military families, and seeing a need, some of our members got… Continue reading Memorial Day- History and Remembrance

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Memorial Day and Adam Makos’ VOICES OF THE PACIFIC

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, the day the U.S. sets aside to remember those who've given their lives in service to their country. Growing up, I spent a portion of each Memorial Day bumping slowly along winding cemetery roads. If we were visiting Minnesota's north woods, we'd also visit Great-Grandpa's graveside, tidying around his and Great-Grandma's… Continue reading Memorial Day and Adam Makos’ VOICES OF THE PACIFIC