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spy guy craig whitehead
Image courtesy of Craig Whitehead,

This blog’s purpose is to share my personal writing journey and interesting historical tidbits, particularly relating to WWII. I receive no money from running this site, though I will provide links to my published works, and if you’d like to pick one of them up, I won’t object.

While I enjoy connecting with people who share my interests, it’s important for you to know that, while I myself do not have any desire to collect personal information from anyone, (I have enough work keeping track of all of mine) WordPress does use cookies and automatically collects some information. (Here is a link to some of WordPress’s recent privacy updates. Here is their main privacy policy page.)

If you choose to follow, like, comment, or sign up for e-mail updates on my site, you’re giving your consent for the use of this information.

Again, I promise that I have no nefarious schemes in mind. If you comment or contact me, I’ll most likely reply. If you ‘like,’ I’ll smile. If you sign up for my blog via e-mail, that’s what you’ll get. However, please don’t do any of these things if you are uncomfortable with WordPress’ privacy policy or would really rather not hear from me!

Many thanks for visiting!