World War II

Greetings, history lovers!

Part of this blog has been a series of short posts giving a basic chronology of the Second World War.

As I don’t write these every week, they’re mixed in with all of my other posts.

I’ve set up this page to better organize them.

Following are links to the topics I’ve covered, in chronological order. Hopefully, the list will keep growing!


For other history tidbits on this era, see my ‘World War 2’ category on my blog’s side bar.

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After Dunkirk: The Fall of France

The Battle of Britain

The Blitz

North Africa and the Balkans, 1940 and 1941

North Africa in 1941 Continued

Hitler vs. Stalin, 1941

December 1941: The United States Enters the War

US Troops in Great Britain, 1942

The Fall of Singapore and the Bataan Peninsula, 1941-42

The Doolittle Raid, April 18, 1942

(Who actually WON?) The Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942