World War II

Greetings, history lovers!

The Second World War was a vast, complicated conflict.  Keeping track of even the major names, places, and events involved can be a daunting task.

Alongside researching for my historical fiction writing, I’ve been working on a series of articles outlining a basic chronology of World War II- boiling down major events into manageable pieces.

As these posts are mixed in with all of the others on my blog, I’ve set up this page to better organize them.

Following are links to the topics I’ve covered, in chronological order. Hopefully, the list will keep growing!

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After Dunkirk: The Fall of France

Description: German troops sweep through Europe, conquering or expelling the Allied forces. 


The Battle of Britain

Description: The RAF pilots of the British isles struggle to defend their home against German planes.


The Blitz

Description: German bombing raids target British cities.


North Africa and the Balkans, 1940 and 1941

Description: Italy seeks to expand its influence in the world, and clashes with Allied forces in North Africa, Yugoslavia and Greece.


North Africa in 1941 Continued

Description: British forces clash with “the Desert Fox”- Irwin Rommel- and his tanks in North Africa.



Hitler vs. Stalin, 1941

Description: In spite of previous agreements, German forces invade Russia.


December 1941: The United States Enters the War

Description: The Empire of Japan launches a surprise attack against Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and other Allied locations. The United States officially enters WWII. 


US Troops in Great Britain, 1942

Description: U.S. troops travel to Great Britain, and learn how to work with their Allies. 


The Fall of Singapore and the Bataan Peninsula, 1941-42

Description: Japanese forces sweep through the “impregnable” fortress of Singapore and take American and Filipino troops captive on the Bataan Peninsula.


The Doolittle Raid, April 18, 1942

Description: American forces plan and execute a bombing raid against Japan’s mainland.


(Who actually WON?) The Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942

Description: The first major U.S. naval engagement with Japan in WWII. 


The Forgotten War: WWII in the Aleutian Islands (Part One)

Description: Japan invades North America- through Alaska. (Though it may have been partially a diversion.)


The Forgotten War: WWII in the Aleutian Islands (Part Two)

Description: The continuing story of the only WWII battles on U.S. mainland soil.


The Battle of Midway (Part One)

Description: Six months after Pearl Harbor, Japanese forces plan to attack and occupy America’s Midway Atoll. U.S. forces are aware of the plan, and plan to surprise them. The Marines on Midway defend the Atoll.


The Battle of Midway (Part Two)

Description: Airplanes from U.S. aircraft carriers the Hornet, Enterprise,  and Yorktown  go up against the Japanese fleet near Midway Atoll.