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Musical Interlude: “White Christmas”

Our back yard looks a little different this year. Flatter. Fewer evergreens. And SNOW! One of the biggest changes my family has experienced since this summer's move across the country is adjusting to a new climate. Winter in western Washington was the "rainy season." We'd have to wear layers, and the damp air could get… Continue reading Musical Interlude: “White Christmas”

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A Life Update and a Story of Spies

"Wild Bill" Donovan- there's a link to a fascinating podcast about his life at the end of this post. First, Some Personal Stuff My last principal encouraged me to take the Clifton Strengthsfinder test. Essentially, it's an online standardized that claims to be able to pinpoint one's personality strengths by analyzing their answers to a… Continue reading A Life Update and a Story of Spies

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Tangible History

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash I had high hopes of sharing a new post with you this week. It's in process still, as moving preparations continue to swallow all of my life that school and family haven't already consumed. However, as I sorted through the mess that is my room, I came upon a little box that… Continue reading Tangible History

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A Thanksgiving Note AND A Bit of Thanksgiving History

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers in the United States! (And a late Happy Thanksgiving to readers in Canada:)) I'm off to scrub down my kitchen before getting it good and messy tomorrow with pie, potatoes, turkey, stuffing and so on. (I'm hoping that the turkey I have thawing cooperates better than… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Note AND A Bit of Thanksgiving History