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Eight Things I Learned From Moving My Family Across the Country

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash WHEW. Well, I've been absent for a bit! As I mentioned back in March, my husband and I accepted new teaching jobs for the upcoming school year. The positions are in the state of Wisconsin, so the last several months have been spent preparing for a move. This involved cleaning out our home… Continue reading Eight Things I Learned From Moving My Family Across the Country

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Tangible History

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash I had high hopes of sharing a new post with you this week. It's in process still, as moving preparations continue to swallow all of my life that school and family haven't already consumed. However, as I sorted through the mess that is my room, I came upon a little box that… Continue reading Tangible History

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Exploring the Naval Undersea Museum

As my family and I prepare to move across the country this summer, we've started making our "must visit" list. What places do we need to explore again while we have the chance? This museum is a definite maybe—it was always a favorite and might be even better now that the kids have had four… Continue reading Exploring the Naval Undersea Museum

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Coping with COVID in the Classroom —

This post's timing is perfect as I'm heading off to my Spring Teacher's Conference today! Author, blogger, and tech teacher Jacqui Murray was kind enough to ask me to stop by her site and talk a bit about my experiences teaching in "Covid World" over the last few years. Below is the link if you'd… Continue reading Coping with COVID in the Classroom —

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Anne Who? Three Reasons For Using a Pen Name

I first wrote and published this post in 2019. Three years and two published novels later, I'm still happy with my choice to use a pseudonym, though I DO think it's more fun to call it a "secret identity." -Anne It's confession time. I've been leading a double life. It's true. I go about my… Continue reading Anne Who? Three Reasons For Using a Pen Name

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World War II on the Small Screen

Combat! My husband has a knack for finding interesting viewing. When the first season of Combat! showed up amongst my gifts last year, I didn't know quite what to expect having neither heard of nor watched the show before. Now that we have completed watching the first season, with the second and third seasons waiting… Continue reading World War II on the Small Screen

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Looking Back and Moving Forward

Photo by John on Once again we’ve turned the calendar page to a fresh new year, full of possibilities. Looking ahead to plans for 2022 got me looking back at 2021. Just what did I actually accomplish in the past year? It seems like it went by awfully fast… Personal The beginning of 2021… Continue reading Looking Back and Moving Forward

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2021 NaNoWrap-Up and an Interview

We've made it to another weekend! If your December is like mine, it's flying by in great leaps. Before it gets away from me completely, today I'm taking a moment to pause and update you on the results of November's NaNoWriMo challenge and to share a lovely opportunity I had to visit another writer's blog.… Continue reading 2021 NaNoWrap-Up and an Interview

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A Thanksgiving Note AND A Bit of Thanksgiving History

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers in the United States! (And a late Happy Thanksgiving to readers in Canada:)) I'm off to scrub down my kitchen before getting it good and messy tomorrow with pie, potatoes, turkey, stuffing and so on. (I'm hoping that the turkey I have thawing cooperates better than… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Note AND A Bit of Thanksgiving History