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Road Trip!!! Part 2: From Wisconsin back to Washington

Our travel route- roughly. 🙂 Map image courtesy Wikimedia commons: links here. I added the red and black arrows. Avoiding the craziness of flying with a family of five, the Clare family embraced the alternative craziness of driving across more than half of the U.S. It was a long haul—about 2300 miles each way— offering… Continue reading Road Trip!!! Part 2: From Wisconsin back to Washington

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To Those Who Wait

I'm losing another friend. Not 'forever' lost—not to anger or angst or illness. And really, this goodbye isn't about me, though I am sad about it. No, it's that time in friendship when the orders come in, and the people I've just started to really come to know are sent off, to serve their country… Continue reading To Those Who Wait

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Exploring the Quinault Rainforest

One view of Merriman Falls, located on the south shore of Lake Quinault Spring has reached the Pacific Northwest. The year-round shadows of Washington's evergreens are interspersed with fresh spouting leaves of maples and clusters of blooming rhododendron. The cold drizzle has started to turn to...well, warmer drizzle. It's time to venture outdoors! After searching… Continue reading Exploring the Quinault Rainforest

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A Strange Easter

Photo by Alena Koval on This post was first shared for Easter 2020. While things have eased up somewhat here after a year of "Covid world," I felt like it was still fitting. All the best and Easter Blessings -Anne *** For the last fifteen years, my family has followed a regular pattern for… Continue reading A Strange Easter

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Preserving a Piece of History

"Troops of the US Army 2nd Infantry Division march up the bluff at the E-1 draw in the Easy Red sector of Omaha Beach, Normandy, France on D+1, June 7, 1944. They are going past the German bunker, Widerstandsnest 65 (WN 65), that defended the route up the Ruquet Valley to Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer." US Army Signal Corps, Public domain, via… Continue reading Preserving a Piece of History

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“NaNoWriffic” May Have Been An Exaggeration

Now that December's halfway over, I suppose I can take a minute to stop chasing down students for missing homework (all this teacher wants for Christmas is a nice, tidy gradebook!) and give an update on my November Nanowrimo goals. Update may not be the best word—it's more of a confession. For those who are… Continue reading “NaNoWriffic” May Have Been An Exaggeration

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Ration Books and Smart Shopping: Stretching U.S. Resources During WWII

2020 has done a great job of reminding me just how spoiled I am. (Maybe I should say "richly blessed with material goods." That sounds better.) I can't recall another time in my life when I wanted a staple item at the store (for instance, toilet paper) and was unable to find it. Those of… Continue reading Ration Books and Smart Shopping: Stretching U.S. Resources During WWII

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Marvelous Mountains and Marmots

Hello Readers, Writers, and Nature Lovers! Summer is winding to a close, and taking with it chances to explore the outdoors before school begins again. The Clare family decided to seize the sunshine last week and explore one of my favorite places in Washington—Mt. Rainier National Park.  This isn't the first visit to Rainer that… Continue reading Marvelous Mountains and Marmots

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Hooking Reluctant Readers

A Teacher's Challenge Where has summer gone? July is waning, and I've had to ease off on my writerly pursuits as another school year looms on the horizon. This summer has posed some new planning challenges—particularly figuring out just how teaching will look in the face of ongoing health concerns. While the possibility of being… Continue reading Hooking Reluctant Readers