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Better Beta Readings

It never fails to surprise me when, in spite of my best efforts, typos slip into my writing. I proofread my blog posts until my eyes won't focus. I've proofread my longer pieces until I can't stand to look at them any more. Perfection still eludes me. And that is where a good beta reader becomes… Continue reading Better Beta Readings

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The Perks of Rejection Letters

I have twenty more days. Twenty days until the month ends. Twenty days until I send out my next round of queries in an attempt to induce an agent to represent my novel. Twenty more days with no rejection letters in my in-box. So far, I've amassed 13 rejections. Some agents simply didn't respond to… Continue reading The Perks of Rejection Letters

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Don’t Get Too Attached

"Here's to peace at last."  Stan grinned and accepted the cigar. "Thanks, Mac. So, how's it feel to be two days from retirement?" "Heh. Why d'ya think I sprang for the good cigars? Man, life couldn't be better." Mac leaned back and rested his heels on the edge of the consol. His boot blocked the glow… Continue reading Don’t Get Too Attached

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The Invisible Volcano and Keeping Writing Flexible

I looked forward to this week's post for about six months. Our family and several friends  invaded and conquered Seaquest State Park's 'Yurt Village' for an end-of-summer camping trip. (Well, 'conquered' in the sense that we made reservations months ago...but in my opinion, camping with small children deserves more adventurous-sounding verbs.)     Like most of western… Continue reading The Invisible Volcano and Keeping Writing Flexible