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“The Big Parade,” a Silent Story

After a hectic end of the school year and a couple of weeks absorbed in final book edits (hopefully final, anyway, though I keep having dreams that I've forgotten something) the new blog post I had in mind is taking a back seat to some much needed family time. Instead, I thought I'd revisit this… Continue reading “The Big Parade,” a Silent Story

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The Big Parade: A Silent Story

Staying up later than I should have watching a movie last night, waiting to find out which members of the uninspiring love triangle would survive the War, I began thinking about films that would have been more worth  my time. Here, in one of last year's posts, is one of the many options!  I'll admit,… Continue reading The Big Parade: A Silent Story

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The Big Parade: A Silent Story

  I must admit, I was skeptical of my husband’s interest in silent films. I had never seen one, but I thought I knew what to expect. Silent films equaled the jangle of organ-grinder style music, makeup resembling cake icing, and overacting reminiscent of the comedic scenes with Lena Lamont in Singing in the Rain. With such low expectations, the… Continue reading The Big Parade: A Silent Story