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“The Big Parade,” a Silent Story

After a hectic end of the school year and a couple of weeks absorbed in final book edits (hopefully final, anyway, though I keep having dreams that I've forgotten something) the new blog post I had in mind is taking a back seat to some much needed family time. Instead, I thought I'd revisit this… Continue reading “The Big Parade,” a Silent Story

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The Horror! The Terror! The Author!

Many thanks to author, blogger, and my long-time friend Jon for visiting this week and creating this guest post. Are you ready for THE HORROR???! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to see the strangest creature in all creation! Just two bits and you can step out of the midway of this… Continue reading The Horror! The Terror! The Author!

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Six-Word Story Challenge Update

Hello all! A few weeks ago, I posted about microfiction and Nicola Auckland's Six Word Story Challenge. Since then, Nicola has decided to step back from blogging. However, another blogger is planning to keep the challenge going on her site. If you would like to check it out, the following link is the place to… Continue reading Six-Word Story Challenge Update

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My Short Story is Online!

It is my pleasure to present to you the second place winner from the March 2018 Word Weaver Writing Contest, Anne Clare’s “Dark Corners.” Anne Clare’s story was a blast to read. She hooked me from the opening and held me straight through to the end. Obviously, it was a fave of the celebrity judges, […]… Continue reading My Short Story is Online!

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Something Beautiful

For the past seventeen nights, waiting for supper to end has been torturous for my children. They can't sit still (ha, they can barely 'sit' at all) as they anticipate the moment when my husband and I will finally finish eating. No matter how fidgety they've been during the meal, when the time comes they are… Continue reading Something Beautiful