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The Battle of Midway: Part I

""Sinking Sun": painting by Griffith Baily Coale, oil on canvas, 1942. Description: A U.S. Marine stands at parade rest on the bow of a PT boat as she moves slowly out to sea from Midway to give decent burial to Japanese fliers shot down on the islands during the battle. The red ball of the… Continue reading The Battle of Midway: Part I

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Guam — Pacific Paratrooper

The WWII story of the island of Guam is fascinating, but not well known. It's a good thing we have people like GP Cox who share stories like these! I hope you'll head over to his blog "Pacific Paratrooper" to check out the full post—it's well worth the read. Guam In a lot of Pacific… Continue reading Guam — Pacific Paratrooper

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Musical Interlude: Artie Shaw’s “Star Dust”

With all of the extra time my family's been spending at home this summer, I've become aware of how addicted I am to good music. Every day in my house has a soundtrack. Heavy cleaning days require something loud and peppy—one of the many 80's mixes on CD shelf will usually do (yes, I still… Continue reading Musical Interlude: Artie Shaw’s “Star Dust”