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Guam — Pacific Paratrooper

The WWII story of the island of Guam is fascinating, but not well known. It's a good thing we have people like GP Cox who share stories like these! I hope you'll head over to his blog "Pacific Paratrooper" to check out the full post—it's well worth the read. Guam In a lot of Pacific… Continue reading Guam — Pacific Paratrooper

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Musical Interlude: Artie Shaw’s “Star Dust”

With all of the extra time my family's been spending at home this summer, I've become aware of how addicted I am to good music. Every day in my house has a soundtrack. Heavy cleaning days require something loud and peppy—one of the many 80's mixes on CD shelf will usually do (yes, I still… Continue reading Musical Interlude: Artie Shaw’s “Star Dust”