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“NaNoWriffic” May Have Been An Exaggeration

Now that December's halfway over, I suppose I can take a minute to stop chasing down students for missing homework (all this teacher wants for Christmas is a nice, tidy gradebook!) and give an update on my November Nanowrimo goals. Update may not be the best word—it's more of a confession. For those who are… Continue reading “NaNoWriffic” May Have Been An Exaggeration

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A NaNoWriffic November’s Ahead

November's lurking just around the corner, cracking its knuckles and waiting to pounce. A little melodramatic? Maybe. But I can't help viewing the turning of the calendar page with some trepidation. Between school and home, September and October have gone by in a whirlwind— momming and teaching and correcting and cooking and driving and writing… Continue reading A NaNoWriffic November’s Ahead