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Road Trip!!! Part 2: From Wisconsin back to Washington

Our travel route- roughly. 🙂 Map image courtesy Wikimedia commons: links here. I added the red and black arrows. Avoiding the craziness of flying with a family of five, the Clare family embraced the alternative craziness of driving across more than half of the U.S. It was a long haul—about 2300 miles each way— offering… Continue reading Road Trip!!! Part 2: From Wisconsin back to Washington

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Memorial Day- History and Remembrance

On the counter in the entryway of my church sits a box of plastic army men. Unlike the other little toys, books and crayons hanging nearby in "busy bags," these aren't meant for the children of the congregation. We have a significant number of military families, and seeing a need, some of our members got… Continue reading Memorial Day- History and Remembrance