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Musical Interlude: “White Christmas”

Our back yard looks a little different this year. Flatter. Fewer evergreens. And SNOW! One of the biggest changes my family has experienced since this summer's move across the country is adjusting to a new climate. Winter in western Washington was the "rainy season." We'd have to wear layers, and the damp air could get… Continue reading Musical Interlude: “White Christmas”

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Musical Interlude: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

"Bing Crosby, stage, screen and radio star, sings to Allied troops at the opening of the London stage door canteen in Piccadilly, London, England." Pearson, August 31, 1944. 111-SC-193249.Source: NARA World War II Photos - ARC Identifier: 531210 Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Every year, the day after Thanksgiving brings changes in the Clare household. First the… Continue reading Musical Interlude: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

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Merry Chri…Wait, It’s Over Already?!

Well, this week didn't work out quite like I'd planned. I had a fabulous Christmas-Eve blog post all planned out in my head and itching at the tips of my fingers, ready to type up and share with all of you wonderful people. As you may have noticed if you popped by, it didn't happen.… Continue reading Merry Chri…Wait, It’s Over Already?!

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Something Beautiful

For the past seventeen nights, waiting for supper to end has been torturous for my children. They can't sit still (ha, they can barely 'sit' at all) as they anticipate the moment when my husband and I will finally finish eating. No matter how fidgety they've been during the meal, when the time comes they are… Continue reading Something Beautiful