Publishing Progress

Just in case anyone is interested besides me…

I’m working on a WW2 historical fiction.

I submitted an earlier draft to the Athanatos Christian Writing Contest last fall- it made the first ‘cut’ but not the semi-finals. I received great professional feedback, and the novel is much stronger for it.

Currently, it stands at about 93,000 words. (Trimmed down from over 120,000.)

I have another reader working through it for edits, then will be making a paper copy for the hubby to read through again. (He’s a keeper 🙂

I’m planning to explore traditional publication options first, so I’ve got a list of literary agents worked up to submit to- three rounds of  7 agents each. Word on the street is that fall is a good time to submit, so I’m going with it! In the meantime I’m beating my head against the wall, trying to write a decent query letter.

6/? Latest beta read done, a few scenes switched around, and trying to let the thing sit in peace for a while. The query letter wall isn’t getting any softer.

7/29 Update: Last round of editing by someone other than myself done. I’ve got a month, and then (gulp!) we’re going to give this a try.