Publishing Progress


Just in case anyone is interested besides me…

I’m querying a WW2 historical fiction.

I submitted an earlier draft to the Athanatos Christian Writing Contest last fall- it made the first ‘cut’ but not the semi-finals. I received great professional feedback, and the novel is much stronger for it.

Currently, it stands at about 93,000 words. (Trimmed down from over 120,000.)

I’m planning to explore traditional publication options first, so I’ve got a list of literary agents worked up to submit to- three rounds of  7 agents each. Word on the street is that fall is a good time to submit, so I’m going with it! In the meantime I’m beating my head against the wall, trying to write a decent query letter.

The following is a little journal of my attempts. Thanks for visiting!

077 (2)

6/? Latest beta read done, a few scenes switched around, and trying to let the thing sit in peace for a while. The query letter wall isn’t getting any softer.


7/29 Update: Last round of editing by someone other than myself done. I’ve got a month, and then (gulp!) we’re going to give this a try.


8/18 Well, my first book proposal went out with the mail today! E-mail queries are just about ready to go next week. No, I’m not nervous… it’s just that this chocolate peanut butter ice cream is tasty…


8/21 …and round one is away! 🙂


10/9  I’ll admit, round one was a bit disappointing. I hadn’t allowed myself to hope for an offer. I HAD hoped for someone to request the full manuscript. Not this time. Not many responses either- I had been (perhaps being a bit naive) hoping to get some feedback via rejection letters if no one wanted the full. The response I’ve gotten so far was kind, and included some encouragement and advice on non-traditional options, so I shouldn’t complain.

I think it’s time to re-visit the query letter and see if I can improve it- I have a couple of ideas.  Then…maybe it’s time to let round one go, and try for round two.


10/14 I hope I’m not rushing things, but I have started sending out some more query letters. Life is going to get crazier as November approaches, and it’s now or wait until spring. (I don’t intend to send out any letters right after Nanowrimo or during the holiday crazies.)

We’ll see what happens. It’s hard to tell by just reading a website and bits of social media and interviews, but I’m hopeful that I’m querying some people who would be good to work with- maybe they’ll feel the same way about me. 🙂


11/1/17 Well, round two is moving faster than round one, so it has that going for it! Out of 13 queries total, I’m up to 6 very polite ‘no thank you’ s. Ah well. In the grand scheme of querying, 13 isn’t many. Between some family…things, music and teaching and other obligations, I’m going to have to sit on the last round until after Christmas. After that…we’ll see.


1/29/18 I can’t really use “Christmas time!” as an excuse anymore. I’m revisiting my query letter, synopsis, and the manuscript itself, an getting  my list of potential agents together. I intend to get my next round of submissions in before February is out. Deep breaths…





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