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Eight Things I Learned From Moving My Family Across the Country

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash WHEW. Well, I've been absent for a bit! As I mentioned back in March, my husband and I accepted new teaching jobs for the upcoming school year. The positions are in the state of Wisconsin, so the last several months have been spent preparing for a move. This involved cleaning out our home… Continue reading Eight Things I Learned From Moving My Family Across the Country

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Coping with COVID in the Classroom —

This post's timing is perfect as I'm heading off to my Spring Teacher's Conference today! Author, blogger, and tech teacher Jacqui Murray was kind enough to ask me to stop by her site and talk a bit about my experiences teaching in "Covid World" over the last few years. Below is the link if you'd… Continue reading Coping with COVID in the Classroom —

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2021 NaNoWrap-Up and an Interview

We've made it to another weekend! If your December is like mine, it's flying by in great leaps. Before it gets away from me completely, today I'm taking a moment to pause and update you on the results of November's NaNoWriMo challenge and to share a lovely opportunity I had to visit another writer's blog.… Continue reading 2021 NaNoWrap-Up and an Interview

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An Interview and a Review

I'd like to direct you to a couple of other authors' sites today! Author Dennis L. Peterson kindly invited me over to his blog for an interview. The first part of it is live today! Here's the link if you'd like to check it out and hear my thoughts on juggling this momming/teaching/writing life and… Continue reading An Interview and a Review

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A NaNoWriffic November’s Ahead

November's lurking just around the corner, cracking its knuckles and waiting to pounce. A little melodramatic? Maybe. But I can't help viewing the turning of the calendar page with some trepidation. Between school and home, September and October have gone by in a whirlwind— momming and teaching and correcting and cooking and driving and writing… Continue reading A NaNoWriffic November’s Ahead

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Hooking Reluctant Readers

A Teacher's Challenge Where has summer gone? July is waning, and I've had to ease off on my writerly pursuits as another school year looms on the horizon. This summer has posed some new planning challenges—particularly figuring out just how teaching will look in the face of ongoing health concerns. While the possibility of being… Continue reading Hooking Reluctant Readers