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Seven MORE Terms New Writers May Not Know But Probably Should

The world of writing--especially for those of us who are looking to publish--can be a confusing place, full of unfamiliar acronyms and terminology. Navigating all of these terms can be tricky, especially if you're like me and don't particularly like having to ask for help. Never fear! As a follow up to my January post… Continue reading Seven MORE Terms New Writers May Not Know But Probably Should

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5 Reasons Why I THINK Self-Publishing Might Be For Me

I've got to make a decision. Any of you who've read through the ramblings on my Publishing Progress tab know that I sent in several queries to literary agents in the last year. No, I haven't had any takers. I also haven't sent any new queries out for several months. I've been standing at  fork… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I THINK Self-Publishing Might Be For Me

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Writing the (Gulp!) Love Scene

I do not come from an emotive people. I’m a Midwesterner by birth. The joke goes that there are three standard responses in our conversations. #1: “That’s not too bad.” This is suitable for any event from neutral to amazingly super awesome. #2: “That’s not too good.” This choice works for anything from a minor… Continue reading Writing the (Gulp!) Love Scene

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The Perks of Rejection Letters

I have twenty more days. Twenty days until the month ends. Twenty days until I send out my next round of queries in an attempt to induce an agent to represent my novel. Twenty more days with no rejection letters in my in-box. So far, I've amassed 13 rejections. Some agents simply didn't respond to… Continue reading The Perks of Rejection Letters

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10 Tips for Surviving the ‘Query Crazies’

I am excellent at encouraging my children to be patient. I am less than excellent at following my own advice. When I submitted my first round of query letters to literary agents a couple of weeks ago, I knew that waiting for a response was just part of the game. Ok, they all say to… Continue reading 10 Tips for Surviving the ‘Query Crazies’