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77th Anniversary of V-E Day

This weekend marks the 77th anniversary of “V-E Day,” the official declaration of Victory in Europe as the Second World War neared its end. 

While I’ve read descriptions of the euphoric celebrations, I think that some of the images from the day capture the story best. 

“The first flyers announcing the German surrender outside the Adresseavisen newspaper building.” Norway had been occupied by Germany since April of 1940.       (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, and from Frigjøringsdagen 8 mai 1945 / VE Day in Trondheim (1945), Author: Municipal Archives of Trondheim from Trondheim, Norway. Licensed under Creative Commons. The link is here to view the license information.)

Also in Norway- the adults weren’t the only ones celebrating. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, and from Frigjøringsdagen 8 mai 1945 / VE Day in Trondheim (1945), Author: Municipal Archives of Trondheim from Trondheim, Norway. Licensed under Creative Commons. Here is the link to view licensing info.)


U.S. MPs read the news in the Stars and Stripes


File:V-E-Day Stars and Stripes No 285 Paris 8 May 1945.JPGThe VE Day “Stars and Stripes- Paris edition.


File:VE Day Passing out Champagne to 1139th troops.jpg

“VE Day Passing out Champagne to 1139th troops.” image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

From a quick search, it appears that the 1139th Engineer Combat Group served with General Patton’s Third Army through France.

File:VE-day parade, Afula, Israel, 1945.jpg
“VE-day parade, Afula, Israel, 1945” image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
File:VE Day celebrations on Bay Street 1945.jpg
V-E Day celebrations on Bay Street, Toronto, Canada. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Victory in Europe (VE) Day in Baltimore

Exciting headlines on newspapers in Baltimore, MA (image courtesy of Wikimedia commons, licensing info linked here)


I could not find a VE Day picture of Harry Truman, who took up the United States’ Presidencey after the death of F.D.R. However, I found an audio file of his VE Day speech, linked here- a fascinating 4 minute listen.

British P.M. Winston Churchill waves to crowds at Whitehall.


VE Day at Buckingham Palace. (You may notice the then Princess Elizabeth in uniform.) Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Image courtesy of the Imperial War Museums © IWM (HU 41808) “Revellers ride a truck along the Strand in London”


V.E. Day, May 8, 1945, night illumination over K.D. [i.e., King David Hotel] & Y.M.C.A
Nighttime light display over the King David hotel and YMCA, courtesy of the U.S. Library of Congress

In spite of all of the rejoicing and celebrating, VE Day was not the end of the fighting for everyone.

Above: Troops on Okinawa hear the news of Germany’s surrender. They still have a long way to go, however- Japan would not surrender until September 2.


Many thanks for visiting and marking this day of remembrance with me.

12 thoughts on “77th Anniversary of V-E Day”

    1. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for your family. And for others- in spite of the joy, there must have been so much uncertainty as to the next steps. Many memoirs I’ve read have people serving in Europe wo during if VE Day meant they’d be heading to the Pacific…

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  1. Thanks, Anne. I am reminded of the old saying that one picture is worth a thousand words. I was two years old on that memorable occasion, but, not surprising, have no memory of it. 🙂 –Curt

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    1. Thanks Curt, and thanks for stopping by!
      I love seeing the faces and expressions- they bring the history to life.
      Two years old, hm, now that WOULD be an impressive length of memory! 🙂

      I hope you and Peggy are doing well! I noticed that you posted this week. I’ve been meaning to dig my way out of the moving madness and read. Maybe this weekend…

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      1. My memory only goes back to around 4/5 Anne. And there it is very spotty. 🙂 But WWII was still fresh in everyone’s memory by the time I started thinking about such things.

        Getting ready to hit the road full-time involved moving, too, Anne. I have total empathy with you. My blogging came almost to a standstill. I should be blogging somewhat regularly now that Peggy and I are on the road. –Curt

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