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The Pig War — A Bit About Britain

Hello Readers!
Today, I’m guest posting over on A Bit About Britain, the site of author Mike Biles. Mike’s site is a tremendous source for fascinating stories from history and information on locations that I’d love to visit someday. Below is the link if you’d like to pop over and read about a time when British and American history intersected: The Pig War.

A guest post by author, Anne Clare

In spite of its name, ‘The Pig War’ didn’t have much to do with farm animals. Rather, the unfortunate demise of a pig who ventured into the wrong garden in 1859 almost led… The post The Pig War appeared first on A Bit About Britain.

The Pig War — A Bit About Britain

7 thoughts on “The Pig War — A Bit About Britain”

  1. Hi Mike and Anne – I encountered The Pig War when I was up on Vancouver Island for that year – extraordinary event … thanks for the update and info … all the best to you both – Hilary

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