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Let the Book Launch Giveaway Begin!

It’s time! The launch day for Where Shall I Flee? is only one week away. That means that it’s time for some book-launch festivities!

I’ll be sharing new posts each day this week relating to my upcoming book. Each post will ALSO be an opportunity for a chance to win a prize!

What are these prizes, you ask?

  • Two participants have a chance to win one of these pieces of WWII Allied Military Currency, a red poppy enamel pin, and a FREE copy (e-book or signed paperback) of my new novel, Where Shall I Flee?
  • One participant will win these items and ALSO win a copy of Ruth G. Haskell’s book, Helmet’s and Lipstick, which tells about her experiences as a WWII U.S. Army nurse.

How to Participate

  • Due to the complexities of international giveaway laws (not to mention shipping costs,) these prizes are limited to American citizens only. (Sorry. I really did look for a way around this.) Also, if you are under 18, you must have parental or guardian permission to participate. Void where prohibited.
  • To enter, either comment on this blog post, or on my Facebook page with the words “Count Me In.”
  • If you do not use Facebook or have difficulty commenting on WordPress (I’ve run into troubles sometimes) you may also send me an e-mail through my Contact page.)
  • You may comment on all of the “launch posts” this week to be entered multiple times. Just one entry per day though, please. Entries put in after 10pm PST on October 31st will not be counted.
  • On launch day, November 1, I will put all of the entries into a hat and have a fair and impartial person (i.e. one of my kids) draw the names of the winners. I will post the names both on the blog and on Facebook. (If a name is drawn twice, we will redraw.)
  • If you enter, please stop by the blog or Facebook page to check to see if you are a winner and find out how to claim your prize.
  • **If I don’t hear back from winners by Friday, November 6th, I will redraw.**
  • I’ll include these guidelines at the end of this week’s special posts, in case you need to double check them.

The Upcoming Posts to Watch For:

Here’s my schedule of topics for this week’s special posts. The first three deal with parts of the prize packages, sharing a bit of their history. The final two deal with history behind things in my novel.

  • Tuesday: Ruth G. Haskell’s Helmets and Lipstick
  • Wednesday: Allied Military Currency
  • Thursday: Remembrance Poppies
  • Friday: Musical Interlude Double Feature: “Blues in the Night” and “There’ll Be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover.”
  • Saturday: Anzio: The Italian Campaign of WWII
  • Sunday: No new post- a final “wrap things up” day for me 🙂
  • Monday, November 1: Book launch and giveaway winners announced!

Whether you enter or not, I hope you enjoy the posts! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Where Shall I Flee? is all about, here’s the cover and the blurb!


Lieutenant Jean Hoff of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps and infantryman Corporal George Novak have never met, but they have three things in common.

They are both driven by a past they’d rather leave behind.

They have both been sent to the embattled beachhead of Anzio, Italy.

And when they both wind up on the wrong side of the German lines, they must choose whether to resign themselves to captivity or risk a dangerous escape.

Where Shall I Flee? follows their journey through the dangers of World War II Italy, where faith vies with fear and forgiveness may be necessary for survival.

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