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Would You Like a Sneak Peek at My Book Launch Giveaway Prizes?

Sorry, Kindle not included. BUT winners will have the option of an e-book or signed paperback!

I received some exciting mail this week! I’ve been gathering some interesting items as giveaway prizes for the upcoming launch of Where Shall I Flee?, my second novel set in WWII Italy.

I’ll share the giveaway guidelines next week as part of my pre-launch festivities, but for today, here’s a sneak peek.

Red poppy pins- the red poppy is a symbol of remembrance. More on that later!
The Allies issued special military currency for their troops, These are some pieces from WWII Italy. More history on this is on the way!
Ruth G. Haskell served as a WWII U.S. Army nurse. I’m excited to gift a copy of her paperback to one winner.

Aaaand, I’ll also be giving away three copies of my new book!

It’s almost time! I hope that you’ll stop by for next week’s posts. Until then-

All the best,


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