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My New Book Is Available For Pre-Order

It’s time! I’m thrilled to announce that the e-book version my second novel, Where Shall I Flee? is up for pre-order on Amazon. If you’d like to order your copy, here’s the link!

The official launch date, when the book will be delivered to your Kindle and the paperback will be available for purchase, is November 1st.

I’m looking forward to sharing some posts relating to the history and writing of this book over the next month, as well as sharing some giveaways (woohoo!) that I have planned to celebrate my book’s launch.

Here’s the back cover blurb. (I’ll include the text below in case this is small on your device.)

When she had signed up, she’d thought she was ready. Ready for a combat zone. Ready to prove that she could be brave. The sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, stronger and longer lasting than any bout of seasickness, foreboded that maybe she had been wrong.


Lieutenant Jean Hoff of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps and infantryman Corporal George Novak have never met, but they have three things in common.

They are both driven by a past they’d rather leave behind.

They have both been sent to the embattled beachhead of Anzio, Italy.

And when they both wind up on the wrong side of the German lines, they must choose whether to resign themselves to captivity or risk a dangerous escape.

Where Shall I Flee? follows their journey through the dangers of World War II Italy, where faith vies with fear and forgiveness may be necessary for survival.

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally ready to share with you all. Thanks to all who’ve offered help and support on this journey!

11 thoughts on “My New Book Is Available For Pre-Order”

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that they’ve been interesting.
      As to fiction vs non fiction, I can understand that! 😊 When you read the true stories from history, fiction almost seems superfluous- the real events contain more amazing stories than anything I could think up. One thing that I like about hist. fiction is that it’s a way of sharing a look at the events with people who might not voluntarily pick up the history tomes. Of course, that means the research behind it better be good! (Which is where I start worrying about missing things…!)


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