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I’m Guest Posting Today

Photo by Emanuela Picone on Unsplash

Hello Readers, Writers, and History lovers! I’m travelling today—or at least my writing is!

I was invited to guest blog over at JPC Allen Writes, an excellent site full of writing tips and prompts. As JPC’s theme for September is “Plot,” I’m sharing ways in which real history influences the plot of my WWII fiction. This includes some sneak peeks (but don’t worry, no spoilers beyond what’s on the back cover) of my upcoming release, Where Shall I Flee?

Here is a direct link to JPC Allen’s site, and my post, Mixing in History to Thicken the Plot.

On a Personal Note…

As the world is still crazy, and just in case you’re interested, in spite of some interesting personal and professional challenges that just seem to be the order of the day these days, I wanted to share that the Clare family is doing well. We’ve been very healthy and are thankful to have full-day school back this year. The kids are able to get some fresh air running cross country and playing soccer. I’m teaching half-time, Reading/Language Arts/Literature, Music, and Art. It’s so lovely getting to see my students in person and to build a learning community, and it’s strange feeling like I MIGHT be able to keep up with life! Well, at least some of it. I’d meant to post this earlier in the day, but wound up keeping busy with some substitute teaching as well…
We’ll see what the future holds!)
I hope and pray that you are all doing well this Fall. Take care and God bless!

All the best,


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