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The Battle of Midway on “Our American Stories”

“”Sinking Sun”: painting by Griffith Baily Coale, oil on canvas, 1942. Description: A U.S. Marine stands at parade rest on the bow of a PT boat as she moves slowly out to sea from Midway to give decent burial to Japanese fliers shot down on the islands during the battle. The red ball of the rising sun is prophetically repeated by the round disc and spreading rays of the sinking sun.” Text and picture courtesy of Wikimeddia Commons

I love telling stories in writing—especially being able to edit and iron out the rough bits before letting anyone else see them!

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a different sort of storytelling. The wonderful Joy Neal Kidney introduced me to “Our American Stories” and I had the opportunity to record some stories of WWII for them.

The first one, a sum-up of the Battle of Midway, went live today! (Here is the first of my older blog posts on the same theme) Special thanks are due to Montie Montgomery of “Our American Stories” for taking my efforts and making it sound good. 🙂 Below is the link if you’d like to check it out:

America’s Comeback: The Battle of Midway (ouramericanstories.com)

Happy listening and all the best!


11 thoughts on “The Battle of Midway on “Our American Stories””

      1. It DID help that I had already written for the blog on the topics, so it was more brushing up and condensing than starting from scratch-
        I think your bits of books are great 🙂 I need to listen to more of them!

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      2. Bits of books are fun! Maybe you could do wee bits of history! Hmmm, an “h” word for bits…”hunks of history”? “Particles of the past”? “Morsels of yore”! Titles are fun. 🙂

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