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A Sticky Situation

Image courtesy of the Imperial War Museum under their Non-Commercial license.
© IWM NA 24123

Sometimes history reads like fiction.

This photo first came to my attention in Richard Doherty’s “Eighth Army in Italy: 1943-45”1 and I finally found it in the Imperial War Museum’s archives.

Original wartime caption: This Sherman tank, during a night attack on the sugar factory, passed over what was apparently a solid concrete flooring and crashed through the top of a submerged treacle vat.

According to the photo caption in Doherty’s book, this Sherman, part of the 10th Hussars, had this mishap just AFTER the tank crew had been laughing at a Royal Fusiliers warrant officer who had fallen into a treacle-filled shell hole.

People who think history is dull are reading the wrong books.

To my American friends and readers, a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!

To all of you, thanks for stopping by!


1Doherty, Richard. Eighth Army in Italy 1943-45: The Long, Hard Slog. Barnsley: Pen & Sword Military, 2007. Print

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  1. I thought of you this past week. I lost my aunt this month and have been going through old photos saying back to the 40s. I plan to share some on my blog when I can slow down long enough to write about it.

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