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A Read Along and a Sale

Hello Readers and Writers-

For those of you who, like me, live life dictated by the school year’s calendar, a summer break is in sight! I love teaching, but friends, I am looking forward to it.

Besides being a break from endless rounds of correcting papers and the morning scramble of getting my three children and myself out the door on time and reasonably well groomed, summer means time for READING!

The Read Along

My list of titles to read, both on my bookshelf and in my Kindle, is already long, but once I heard that Arti was hosting a reading challenge over on her blog, Ripple Effects, I had to check it out.

Some of you might remember that Arti’s last challenge inspired me to wade through George Elliot’s Middlemarch, which I very much enjoyed. (Here’s my post about it.) This year, the goal is to tackle another hefty tome: The Brothers Karamazov.

Confession: I received this book as a gift several years ago, and I haven’t read past the first page or two. It’s time to fix that!

If you’re interested in joying the read-along, it’s not too late! The challenge starts in May and lasts until July. (I’m planning to play some catch-up in June.) Here’s the link with the informational post.

The Sale

If you’re looking for other books to read, say, some WWII fiction, and haven’t checked out my first novel, “Whom Shall I Fear?” yet, it is on sale today and tomorrow (Friday, May 6th and Saturday May 7th.) The Kindle edition is $.99 and the paperback is $9.99. As always, it is free on Kindle Unlimited.

I’m also looking forward to summer as a time for writing. I have my second novel, Where Shall I Flee? back from the editor, and am anticipating finishing and fixing and getting it off to the formatter and out into the world!

What about you? As summer approaches you have books that you’re just waiting to dive into?

10 thoughts on “A Read Along and a Sale”

  1. I can’t wait! I’ve started reading already and so surprised by the tone of it. It’s so humorous … even when discussing serious subjects. Thanks for announcing it here and linking back to my Ripple post. Again, once you’re free from the academic schedule, hop on! Like in the Middlemarch Read Along, I look forward to your thoughts and insights.

    Not sure who the translators of your Dover Edition is. A comment left by Jeane on my recent post has some recommendations, do check it out. Enjoy the rest of your school year and have fun reading! 🙂

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    1. I hadn’t even thought about translations- that is a super helpful comment! We’ll see how my gift edition holds up. If it’s rocky, maybe the library has one of the recommendations (though I’m a little ashamed to show my face at the library- my cat ate the cover off one of my research books yesterday. Out of print, naturally. ACK!!!)

      3 weeks of school, and the last isn’t really a teaching week!
      I’m excited to dive in 🙂

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      1. Looks like you have a cat that devours books! 🙂 I’m reading the P&V and listening to the audiobook of the Garnett which uses simpler and more to the point language. Complements each other.

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  2. I’ll be posting my Part II ripples this Saturday June 12. Trust you’re enjoying your wrapping up of the school year with all the yearend activities. Yup, summer is in sight and so’s the end of Covid hopefully. Looking forward to your joining us soon. 😉

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