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A Christmas Gift from Me to You

Happy December! 2020 has been full many interesting surprises, but today I’m excited to share a pleasant one!

I hadn’t expected to have a publication announcement this year. My second novel, Where Shall I Flee? is with beta readers who have already given me lots of things to think about. I hope to hit the editing hard in the New Year and introduce it to the world sometime in 2021.

However, I was pleased to have the opportunity to publish a short piece in a special Christmas anthology. Fourteen authors from the Second World War Authors Group of which I am a part collaborated to create a collection of WWII-themed tales for this season. * (Thanks especially to Alexa Kang for coming up with the idea and doing all sorts of organizational work!) The Amazon blurb sums up the anthology well:

Fourteen wartime Christmas tales for you to enjoy this holiday season. This collection of short stories is our gift to bring you something positive and joyful with which to end the year.

Soldiers stumbling upon mercy and miracles; children sharing gifts of friendship and love; Romance finding its way into lonely, war-weary hearts; resistance fighters, spies, families on the home frontβ€”all bringing their own ray of hope in the darkest of time.

For this holiday season, we offer you this collection of short stories to lift your spirit, and to remember a time when love and the strength of human spirit prevailed.

We hope you will enjoy stepping back into the wartime Christmases in these stories with us.

This e-book is a free gift, from us to you. It is available on all major e-book retailers, and you can easily access it via this universal book link. I hope that, if you get a chance to check it out, you enjoy it!

A very Merry Christmas season to all!


*If you’re looking for WWII and WWI fiction, non-fiction, and/or films to check out, or enjoy “talking” about stories from this era, the associated Second World War Club on facebook is a great group with minimal-to-no drama and lots of members with a common interest.

23 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift from Me to You”

      1. Whooooboy, that is…that is a lot of Christmas πŸ˜‚. Hoping they are all jolly and joyful. We had a quiet one, (no get-togethers at all. Also strange) but it was still nice, and the Mister has the next week off. Xxxxx

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      2. Oh huzzah! I hope all of you can enjoy some (mis)adventures during the 12 Days of Christmas. Bo’s not got any days off, but we’re planning a little day trip just after New Year’s before my new term starts. The hope (unless it’s closed) is to visit the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium in the Dells. A lot of stuff in the Dells shut down for the pandemic, but not the Odditorium, according to their site. Here’s hoping!

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      3. Awww, that’s neat! Safe travels!
        Random tangent: My eldest and I stopped by my childhood church one November during a trip back east. Coming from the evergreen state, the orderly rows of trees lining the big, flat fields and yards puzzled her. “Why are they in rows like that? ” When we got out of the car into a strong gust of November wind, she learned why we plant “windbreaks” in MN. Brrrrr! πŸ˜‚

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