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3 Questions Wednesday with Anne Clare — Inspired Prompt

Well! Just as I was getting my writing schedule back in order, things in the world have gotten a bit complicated.

In all seriousness, I hope and pray that you are all healthy and that the economic impacts of all of the shutting-down and distancing isn’t causing undue hardship for you and yours.

As to the writing, I’m still working on making it happen–once I sort out just how to teach from home while also managing my own children’s distance learning. This is all new territory, but necessary as our schools have been closed until the end of April. I managed to video record my first Reading lesson last night- adventures!

I do have a bit of new writing to share today.  I was graciously invited to visit the “Inspired Prompt” site for their “3 Questions Wednesday” interview.  Click on the link below to learn all of my deep, dark, writing secrets (or something like that) and to leave a comment on their site for a chance to win a free, signed (and sanitized!) paperback.  Even if you’re not looking for books, I’d love a chance to “visit” with you.

May your household be healthy, your toilet paper plentiful, and your hearts be peaceful, writers and readers!

Welcome to 3 Question Wednesday! Today our guest is Anne Clare, a historical fiction author . Let’s get to know her better. Our first question, every writer has their own way about organizing their work space, describe your writing space. Anne: My “writing space” consists of whatever flat surface I can clear off to plop […]

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14 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Anne Clare — Inspired Prompt”

    1. Ha! That’s a good goal! Some days it felt like half of stay at home momming was “Are the kids alive and fed? Win!” Adding in the education factor will be an adventure, but I think it will end up being a good one. And if they do end up fighting with each other, at least we won’t have irate parents calling us…😊

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  1. loved reading your answers and I know the feeling of having a cat who seems to assume the sofa (or anywhere they are) is theirs and they don’t appreciate us taking up their space 🙂

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