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A Post of Christmas Past, and Plans for the Near Future

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Well, readers and writers, Christmas has come and gone again. I truly hope that you and yours had a happy, peaceful day.

It was a different Christmas in the Clare household. We still ate far too many cookies, lit our Advent candles and sang carols, attended worship services, opened presents and made an absolute mess of the house. This year, though, we got to share Christmas with family (which is the main reason I haven’t been writing- or online at all, really.)

Since my mother went home to heaven this fall, we’ve been learning how our family’s “new normal” will look- I’m sure many of you know what that process is like. One change was that I ended up hosting Christmas for some of my extended family- a blessing, though a bittersweet one when we recalled the reason for the change.

As some of the visiting is likely to extend up to the New Year, I won’t be posting on this site until mid-January, However, to those of you whose blogs I follow, I’m planning to take this as an opportunity to slow down during the end days of 2019, and read. 

After all, not only do I have blogs by fantastic writers to catch up on, I also have:

books for blog 3

presents from my birthday to read, and

books for blog1

some new books from Christmas, and

books for blog 4

a couple that I picked up out of interest, and also as research for my second novel, and

books for blog 5

then there are the materials loaned to me months ago, when a friend discovered that I was interested in World War 2, andbooks for blog2

Joy Neal Kidney’s beautiful new release, which I beta read for. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read the final copy, yet! Those are just the print books that are waiting for me. I won’t get into the backlog on my Kindle. I see some book reviews in the future for 2020…

Of course, I can’t get straight to reading. My husband and I have a date to assemble one of his Christmas presents for me.

You see, he found this little company which produces customizable WWII action figures, and…

He “made” me an action figure of my novel’s main character for Christmas!!! (There should be quite a few more exclamation marks for that statement, but I’m trying to keep my nerdy excitement level down in public :))


I’ll be sure to share a picture, once he’s got his kit all in order.

So. For the time being, things will be a bit quiet on this site, but I’m looking forward to using the time to store up all sorts of new things to share in the New Year!

Readers and writers- what’s on your TBR pile? Do you get some time off to catch up on things during this holiday season?

Whether restful or hectic, I’m wishing you a very happy post-Christmas season, and a great start to 2020.



12 thoughts on “A Post of Christmas Past, and Plans for the Near Future”

  1. I can well understand your conundrum, Anne. I too was offered books by 2 of our blogging friends and wouldn’t you know, they arrived on the same day!! I chose to read Joy’s first because it is non-fiction. With the hustle and bustle going on around here, my reading may be slower than normal – but you know how that is.
    Without your Mom, this year will be a number of “firsts”, as you already know the feelings of the first Christmas without her. May friends and family be there for you through the rough spots.
    GP Cox
    PS. Can’t wait to see the new action figure IN Action!! Enjoy!

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    1. Thanks GP- it’s been good having family around, though it’s a strange year.
      Happy reading! I’m really looking forward to reading the final copy of Joy’s book, too, but I’m making myself read some of the “older” ones first….
      I’m ridiculously excited about that action figure 😆. He may have to get geared up today!
      All the best to you and yours!

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  2. Yes, a bittersweet Christmas for you. I thought of you again yesterday, first Christmas without your mother.

    Well, your husband rocks! An action figure of the hero of your novel! He’s a real keeper.

    I’m reading “Tap Code” by Col. Carlyle “Smitty” Harris, a Vietnam POW. I veered into Vietnam because of an article about the book in the AFA Journal.

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  3. Wow, you got a TON to read, don’t you, Friend? We’ve been hosting my family Christmas since Dad died, too, and you know…it’s okay. I think it helps shift the focus, however slightly. We know we’ll see our folks again, and Christmas is a lovely yet hard time to remember that. Enjoy your action figure–pew pew! And enjoy all those delightful tales! That Electrical Menagerie looks particularly interesting… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jean- and yes I do! I plowed through Elantris this week- it was so nice to read a book purely for fun. It’s been awhile! The Electrical Menagerie is GREAT. I had it on ebook already and loved it- pleased to have a hard copy 😊 I think you’d enjoy it, and it might even be ok for Blondie already…

      You’re right, of course. Christmas and Easter are beautiful reminders that “goodbye” isn’t forever…but they sure highlight the hole that’s left in our hearts while we wait. Still. On we go! Wishing you and yours a blessed 2020!

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      1. And a blessed New Year to you, Friend! I’ll need to hunt down that Electrical Menagerie. It sounds like a book series she really liked…Magical Cupboard of Wonders, or some such thing…

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  4. This first Christmas is the hardest – and now you have got through that, next year will be a bit easier… But I’m glad you had your family there for support and that time with them is continuing into January – it all seems to have been over so fast this year! I like the look of The Electrical Menagerie and that figure looks fabulous – lucky you! I’d love a model of Lizzy Wright, or Kyrillia… Happy New Year, Anne.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words- it has been a very different holiday season, but time with family was a gift.
      Happy New Year to you! It looks like your 2020 reading is off to a great start!
      I read the ebook ok Electrical Menagerie and loved it.l’m excited to have a hard copy. It was so different from the YA I’ve read recently- I’m looking forward to the next one ☺


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