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My Book’s Taking a Spin on Kindle Unlimited

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Happy weekend to all!

While I’m still deep in the grip of NaNoWriMo,  (and feeling half grateful and half panicked that the month’s challenge is halfway over) I’m surfacing for a moment to let you know about a new option for checking out my debut novel, WHOM SHALL I FEAR?

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Authors who publish e-books exclusively through Amazon have the option to enroll in their Kindle Unlimited program. I’m taking up that option for the next three months, which means that if you are a KU member, you can check out my ebook for free! (Well, sort of. Except for the membership fee ;))

For those who don’t know, Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription program through Amazon. After a free “trial month, members pay $9.99 USD a month, and in exchange they have access to all of the books on KU. (Here’s more information from Amazon.)

If you’re a KU member, and are interested in checking out my novel, I intend to have it available on the platform until February. After that, I’ll reevaluate how I like the program, and update things here.

The book will also still be available on Amazon as a paperback and for regular Kindle purchase.

I’m off to try to get my word count caught back up. I hope you can come by on Wednesday for a guest post on some fascinating WWII history from guest poster, Mike Biles, author and blogger at “A Bit About Britain.”

The book link  and blurb are below- thanks for stopping by!


What if the enemy abroad isn’t the greatest threat?


All that Sergeant James Milburn wants is to heal. Sent to finish his convalescence in a lonely village in the north of England, the friends he’s lost haunt his dreams. If he can only be declared fit for active service again, perhaps he can rejoin his surviving mates in the fight across Sicily and either protect them or die alongside them.

All that Evie Worther wants is purpose. War has reduced her family to an elderly matriarch and Charles, her controlling cousin, both determined to keep her safely tucked away in their family home. If she can somehow balance her sense of obligation to family with her desperate need to be of use, perhaps she can discover how she fits into her tumultuous world.

All that Charles Heatherington wants is his due. Since his brother’s death, he is positioned to be the family’s heir with only one step left to make his future secure. If only he can keep the family matriarch happy, he can finally start living the easy life he is certain he deserves.

However, when James’s, Evie’s and Charles’s paths collide, a dark secret of the past is forced into the light, and everything that they have hoped and striven for is thrown into doubt. Weaving in historical detail from World War II in Britain, Italy and Egypt, WHOM SHALL I FEAR? follows their individual struggles with guilt and faith, love and family, and forces them to ask if the greatest threat they face is really from the enemy abroad.



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