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*NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* Review of INDIE Ebook Whom Shall I Fear? by Anne Clare #Brainfluffbookreview #WhomShallIFearbookreview — Brainfluff

Author S.J. Higbee was kind enough to review my novel on her site today! As she knows both WWII history and had a family connection to the Italian campaign, I was excited (and a little nervous) to see what she thought of it…

Whom shall I fear graphic

I know Anne Clare as a book blogger and when – belatedly – I realised her debut novel had been released, I nicked across to Amazon to pick up a copy, especially after reading Jean Lee’s excellent interview when I discovered Clare had written about the WWII Italian campaign. My grandfather had also endured the […]

via *NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* Review of INDIE Ebook Whom Shall I Fear? by Anne Clare #Brainfluffbookreview #WhomShallIFearbookreview — Brainfluff

12 thoughts on “*NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* Review of INDIE Ebook Whom Shall I Fear? by Anne Clare #Brainfluffbookreview #WhomShallIFearbookreview — Brainfluff”

  1. I am very happy you are receiving so many excellent reviews, Anne.
    I realize these pictures are rather large for the comment section, but I wanted you to see what I acquired with the Amazon gift card i won. The first is the American Military Family Challenge coin

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  2. I want to include a review of your book within my Monday post, but I would first like to clear it with you. I am including the review here, in the event you wish not to see it on my site (and for content approval) ____
    Without giving readers too much insight and being the cause of stumbling into a spoiler, I shall begin this review by applauding Anne Clare, who has researched her way into creating a lovely romantic tale intertwined with the struggles and pains of war.
    Amid the years of WWII bombings, the loss, deprivations and combat, two very different people are seemingly thrown together. Their worries, dreams and realities are shown to you through their correspondence. BUT – behind it all lurks the sinister aspirations of a narcissistic coward and his cohorts.
    I found myself thinking about the story long after putting the book down – and to me, that is one major characteristic of an excellent novel.
    Thank you, Anne, for granting me the privilege of owning a copy of your creation and for giving me the lingering question in my mind of – who should they have feared the most?
    I highly recommend “Whom Shall I Fear?” to all.

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      1. I’m thrilled you approve, but please feel free to let me know if you wish anything be added or subtracted by Sunday night. I am not the best of review writers, so any suggestions are welcome!! 🙂

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      2. Reviews can be tricky- I think this is a lovely one. I appreciate that you don’t give away the major plot points, and if you’re sure you want to say all of those nice things about my book, I certainly can’t complain 😀 Thanks again, GP.

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