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It’s Launch Day! And the Winners Are…

hot air balloons by daniela cuevas
Off we go!!!   Photo courtesy of Daniela Cuevas via

It’s here!

It’s my book launch day, and, in spite of my worries, both my e-book and my paperback are LIVE on Amazon!
Whom Shall I Fear ebook cover

(Of course, since everything can never be perfect, the online description on the paperback page came out as a big block-o-text, but I guess that gives me something to keep working on :))

If you’re interested in checking it out…

Here is the link to the paperback.

Here is the link to the ebook.

And here is the description:


All that Sergeant James Milburn wants is to heal. Sent to finish his convalescence in a lonely village in the north of England, the friends he’s lost haunt his dreams. If he can only be declared fit for active service again, perhaps he can rejoin his surviving mates in the fight across Sicily and either protect them or die alongside them.

All that Evie Worther wants is purpose. War has reduced her family to an elderly matriarch and Charles, her controlling cousin, both determined to keep her safely tucked away in their family home. If she can somehow balance her sense of obligation to family with her desperate need to be of use, perhaps she can discover how she fits into her tumultuous world.

All that Charles Heatherington wants is his due.  Since his brother’s death, he is positioned to be the family’s heir with only one step left to make his future secure. If only he can keep the family matriarch happy, he can finally start living the easy life he is certain he deserves.

However, when James’s, Evie’s and Charles’s paths collide, a dark secret of the past is forced into the light, and everything that they have hoped and striven for is thrown into doubt.

Weaving in historical detail from World War II in Britain, Italy and Egypt, Whom Shall I Fear? follows their individual struggles with guilt and faith, love and family, and forces them to ask if the greatest threat they face is really from the enemy abroad.

Many thanks to all of the folks who’ve visited during the last week’s special posts in preparation for today, and to all of the writers and readers who’ve shared their stories, their insights, and their kind words during this whole process.

As part of my book launch “funtivities,” I hosted a giveaway.


I did the official drawing yesterday with the help of my completely unbiased 4-year-old (who couldn’t read the names she drew, even if they hadn’t been folded up. It’s tamper-proof ;))

The winners are:

Prize Pack #1: Michele Farley

Prize Pack #2: G P Cox

Prize Pack #3: Stevie Luplow


(Winners, I’ll contact you OR you can contact me directly at so that I can get your prizes to you asap.)

Again, many thanks to all of the participants and all of my visitors! I’m looking forward to resuming regular blog posts next week.

For today, well, my kids have had a rather distracted book-launching mom for the last week, so today’s their day. We’re off on a strawberry picking adventure! 🙂

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24 thoughts on “It’s Launch Day! And the Winners Are…”

  1. I do have Kindle, Anne, but I’ve been having trouble with it (can’t seem to download and open anything but Nook books anymore). I am so computer illiterate, it’s downright sad!. It would be the absolute best if I could include your paperback in with my collection (most of my collection will be going to the National Museum along with dad’s scrapbook, etc.) If that’s not possible, I understand.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Anne … what an achievement … bet strawberry picking with the kids was fun. Good luck with the marketing and promotion … awesome goal to achieve – enjoy the summer … cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Hillary! The strawberries were fantastic- got enough for 11 jars of jam and a pie plus some for the freezer for when my folks come to visit and alllllll the ones we ate 😀
      Thanks for the well wishes- it’s exciting to have the book out, (though I suspect I’ll never be a great marketer- a couple of weeks in and I’m already very tired of talking about myself!! )
      I hope you have a great summer too, and that you’re getting more sun up there than we have had!


      1. So glad the strawbug venture was so successful – sounds amazing … jam and freezer bags for your parents and lots for the littlies to get pink fingers … and so tasty when so fresh.

        I can imagine the publication will be leading you to lots of marketing dos, talks, involvement etc … good luck and take the opportunity to move along forward building on this release.

        Yet of course the summer beckons and the family … choices! Take care and all the very best. June was cold, February for a while was lovely!, now it’s gone cooler … but that’s England! Have fun and all the very best – cheers Hilary

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Anne … when I was over on Vancouver Island last year … the summer wasn’t brilliant – mostly due to the fires … but also what was happening, which I hadn’t bargained for.

    I’d say yes there’s a similarity climate-wise – but yours is more extreme … ie continental, whereas ours is island climate … softer …

    … still I had a year on the Island and learnt quite a lot and was able to escape to museums, galleries, eateries etc … not too good at hiking, so stayed around walking … but one day I’d love to get south to Seattle and further down … one day!

    Cheers and good luck with the book – Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Finally catching up on some email now that the kids are gone! Thank you so much for the book! I can’t wait to read it! It’s coming up soon in my lineup, and now that the kids are in school, I might get to it sooner than later!

    Liked by 1 person

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