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Let the Countdown To My Book Launch Begin!

Whom Shall I Fear ebook coverIt’s official! My debut novel, Whom Shall I Fear? launches next week on Friday, June 28th.

To celebrate, I’ll be counting down with daily blog posts, and a chance to win some fabulous prizes.


Special Upcoming Posts

For the next week’s countdown I’ll be sharing daily posts on some pretty fascinating WWII topics inspired by my novel, by the prizes above, and by my family history. Below is the schedule I have planned out.

Friday, June 21:  The Service of the Red Cross: “In War, Charity”

Saturday, June 22: Writing About the Army as a Civilian- How Hard Can It Be?

Sunday, June 23: (Day off)

Monday, June 24: Playing Cards and Plane Spotting

Tuesday, June 25: Musical Interlude: “A Sentimental Journey”

Wednesday, June 26: “Scrap Happy Daffy”: Salvage, Scrap, and Cartoons in WWII

Thursday, June 27: Book Launch Tomorrow!

Friday, June 28: Book Launch Day! Prize Winners announced.

Each post from the 21st through the 26th will include a “Question of the Day.” Answers to these questions will enable eligible participants to enter my giveaway drawing!


I’ll be giving away three prize packages as part of my book launch celebration. Each includes a free e-copy of my book, a $10 Amazon gift card to spend as you wish, and a little “piece of history” artifact relating to the book or the WWII era. (More details on those will come in the next few posts!)

First, though, there are some limitations on prize entries.

Unfortunately, there are far more ways to break international laws than I ever imagined, and many of them involve giving out prizes to people in other countries in the wrong way. (Who knew?)

Because of this, I have to limit prize winners to U.S. residents only. (Thanks for your understanding, and sorry to my readers from other countries. 😦 )

It’s also important for you to know that this giveaway is in no way endorsed by WordPress- it’s just something I’m offering on my own.

Finally, if you are a minor (under 18) please make certain that you have parental permission to enter.

If you ARE eligible, entering is simple. Just read the “Question of the Day” at the end of each of the blog posts from the 21st through the 26th. Answer the question in the comments on my blog, or if you’d prefer via my Twitter (make sure you tag me!) or on my Facebook author page, where I will be sharing links to the posts.

Each “Question of the Day” you answer gets your name in the drawing once. (If you answer the same question on multiple forums, I’ll only count it once :))

All answers need to be in by noon PST on Thursday, June 27th so that I have time to figure out the winners. Winners will be announced on the blog on June 28th.

Even if you aren’t eligible for prizes, I hope you’ll stop by to check out the posts- I’m looking forward to sharing these stories with you!

Book Pre-Order

If you aren’t eligible to enter the prize drawing, you can still make certain that you have a Kindle copy of the book on release day- it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon!

If you’re like me and prefer  a paperback with all of the pretty fonts and formatting and that lovely “book smell,” they’ll be available for order on Amazon on the launch day, June 28th.

If You’d Like an Extra Entry…

If you’d like an extra entry to the drawing, I’d certainly appreciate help spreading the word about my book. If you share this post or information about my upcoming book on Twitter or your own site*, I’ll put your name in the hat an extra time. Not online much? If you just tell someone about the book, I’ll count it!

Just make sure that you let me know in the comments below that you helped spread the word. (Honor system!)

Here we go!

Many thanks for visiting.



*It’s against Facebook policy for me to offer any kind of incentive for likes or shares. If you’d LIKE to pass this along on there just to be nice, I’d certainly appreciate it.



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