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Happy Easter to You!


Well, a battle with a stubborn upper-respiratory bug and enormous stacks of music to learn, lead, and perform over this Holy Week kept me from giving “The Naptime Author” all of the attention I meant to.

However, I had to sign on today to wish all of you a very Happy Easter! I hope it finds you and yours full of peace and good health.

As I’m still not quite up to writing anything worth reading, I’ll leave the sharing of appropriate words for this holiday weekend to a couple of musical selections.

The first, if you enjoy choral music, is a gorgeous arrangement of John 3:16, similar to the one my choir sang last night (though our group wasn’t quite a uniformly dressed 🙂 )

This second selection is a newer piece illustrated by Jason Jasperson, an artist that I’ve featured before for his sand art. This video of his paintings does a lovely job of tieing together some of this week’s history, going back to the time of Isaiah, (450 years before the time of Christ) forward to the events of Holy Week, then all the way to present day.

NEXT week, health and sanity permitting, I’ll return to regular writing, and perhaps let you all in on the news of the book I’m planning to release this June.

Until then, all the best and many thanks for visiting.

10 thoughts on “Happy Easter to You!”

  1. Hi Anne – I hope you and the family improves soon and returns to normal. Loved both the videos – St Paul’s … and the Jasperson – fascinating to watch through. Looking forward to hearing about your new book – cheers Hilary

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