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Merry Chri…Wait, It’s Over Already?!

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Well, this week didn’t work out quite like I’d planned.

I had a fabulous Christmas-Eve blog post all planned out in my head and itching at the tips of my fingers, ready to type up and share with all of you wonderful people.

As you may have noticed if you popped by, it didn’t happen.

A rip-roaring Christmas Eve morning migraine took over, and the rest of the day was consumed with pushing through the residual pounding to get ready for the evening, which involved playing organ and piano, singing and directing choir, and of course making that Christmas dessert that had to sit in the fridge for 24 hours…

It was a day of strained smiles and “Oh, I’m allright!” said in unconvincing tones (except to a few friends, who got an earful of my panic.) My hands shook as I triple checked that all of the music was transposed properly to play with the trumpet, and that my scribbled notes for when I needed toย un-transpose were legible.

Then, the lights were lit. The congregation assembled. The old hymns and ancient words filled our little sanctuary, and for that quiet time, all was right in the world.

SO. Now that we’ve passed through the Day itself, all of the gatherings, and the full day of playing yesterday that I promised my children, I’m back to say:

While it’s a bit belated, I want to pass along my sincere wish that you and yours have been blessed with peace and joy this Christmas season!

Many thanks for visiting


P.S. While I shared this song and video last year, it’s still one of my favorites- a beautiful telling of the Christmas story in song and sand-art. If you’re like me and you haven’t put away the Christmas musicย quite yet, here’s one more song. ๐Ÿ™‚


16 thoughts on “Merry Chri…Wait, It’s Over Already?!”

  1. I am so sorry about your migraine-I know how difficult it can be to push through them. It sounds like all went well, though!
    I pray that Christmas was much better.
    Have a wonderfully blessed (and migraine free) New Year.

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  2. Oh, Friend, you DID IT! You survived! And I’m sure it was beautiful. So long as your family stayed together vomit-less and happy, then it was a good Christmas. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (and I’ll respond to you about life later. I have Christmas #4 to attend today. Yowza.)

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    1. There was only the one vomit incident, for which we are grateful!!!
      And yes, it was a really lovely Christmas- thanks friend
      Christmas FOUR? Best wishes with that… that’s a lot of cookies to have to consume, you know, to be polite.

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  3. Ouch, ouch, ouch. You have my sympathy. Nothing is as disconcerting as a blinding headache, unless it’s a blinding toothache. And to have to be a responsible adult through it all… Triple ouch again. Anyway, here’s wishing you (and your family) a happy, healthy, headache free 2019, Anne. โ€“Curt

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  4. I don’t put Christmas away till absolutely necessary (meaning everyone gets on my case!) I’m sorry about your migraine. Sounds grim. You weren’t alone, though. I’d been in headache hell (sinus) for the month and finally on advanced drugs and I’ve read about others with flu and even surgery! What was it about this year?! I’d say you were pretty amazing to even be in the same room as a trumpet.

    Thanks for sharing the video/music. And I do hope you keep the merry going a bit longer — I think you deserve it! Here’s to a headache free New Year!

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    1. Aw, thank you so much! It was a mercy that the trumpet didn’t come out till sundown- by then the ibuprofen was finally working lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ The hubby got all week off, though, so we are extending the “merry” as long as we can- even got the littles to try ice skating today!

      Sinus headaches are AWFUL- I’m so sorry that you’ve been stuck with those. Hoping that the drugs kick them out and quick!

      Thanks for the visit, and a Happy New Year to you!


  5. Iโ€™m so sorry to hear that you had a migraine – that must be horrible at any time, but with the added pressures you had Iโ€™m amazed you survived so well. Is there no end to your talent? Happy New Year to you

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