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Musical Interlude: Glenn Miller’s “In The Mood”

Greetings all!

With end-of-the-school-year grades to figure, field trips to drive for, and kids’ plays to attend, (on top of the normal tasks involved in LIFE,) about the only thing I’m “In the Mood” for is a nap!

However, I wanted to share a little musical interlude with you, something peppy enough that maybe it’ll help us all keep going!

“In The Mood,” recorded by big band leader Glenn Miller, topped the 1940 charts, and was used in the 1941 film, Sun Valley Serenade.

Glenn Miller earns a mention in the history of the Second World War. Too old for the draft, he felt compelled to be involved. He enlisted in the United States Army in 1942, though this meant stepping away from his lucrative civilian career. He organized an Army Air Force marching band and a dance band, and performed live and on the radio.

In June of 1944 he and the band went to Britain to perform for the troops. He planned to take his music over to Paris, to play for the soldiers on the Continent.

In order to make necessary preparations, he flew over before the rest. Sadly, his plane was lost over the English Channel.

I hope you enjoy this fantastic piece of music. Many thanks for visiting!

13 thoughts on “Musical Interlude: Glenn Miller’s “In The Mood””

  1. I love Glenn Miller’s music – and it’s so evocative. In the Mood is brilliant – and, of course, Moonlight Serenade – but there are so many. Ever see the movie with the incomparable Jimmy Stewart?

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  2. I’ve always loved this piece! My Dad was a trumpet player in high school, in the army in Korea, and in bands while in college and this was the music he loved. I grew up listening to Big Band, Swing and Jazz.

    When my daughter, who played clarinet and tenor sax in high school jazz band, got married she and her hubby had a 30s-40s style “gangster” themed wedding and “In The Mood” was their recessional. 😃

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    1. It’s a great one, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing the stories about your Dad- I’m glad the piece brought up some good memories! (I’ve always got a soft spot for the brass players as I used to play coronet 😉 ) Now THAT sounds like a fun wedding to attend!
      Thanks for visiting, Pearl!


  3. Another big fan of Glenn Miller here, my parents passed this one down to me. Love this era of music and swing. Oh, and did you know, it was whispered, Miller was supposedly a spy too? Don’t know if it was true or not.

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  4. Thank you, Anne, for sharing the information about Glenn Miller. I also enjoyed the song; my husband and I couldn’t help but swing dance to it in our office. We even avoided stepping on the toys, books, and school papers that were on the floor! 🙂

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  5. I love this song. I danced a tap to it in a group many years ago (I believe I was still in elementary school, but I got to wear my first pair of heeled tap shoes!) I’m glad I know a little of the history now 🙂

    Off to play the Big Band channel on Pandora while waiting for my littlest kiddo to get home from school!

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