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Finding and Losing Time


“Put me in your hair,” says my baby, (who isn’t anymore, really.)

“What? Put you in my hair?”

“Put me in your hair, because I’m a flower!”

She proceeds to attempt to climb onto my head as I laugh and try to preserve my spine.

She’s spent the summer weaving dandelions into my hair and tucking them behind my ears.Β  From time to time she tries to keep up with the ‘big kids,’ but generally she’s content to wander along her own path, inhabiting a hidden world of imagination.

And she still wants me to come along.

The others run off together to play games of their own invention, only interrupted sporadically by sibling squabbles. I love to see them grow and bond, and to hear the elaborate stories they create together. I enjoy regaining time to follow my own pursuits.


The time I’ve gained is bittersweet. They’re moving beyond me.

This one, the last, stands at the foot of the rocking chair as I begin the article I planned for today, and smiles sweetly. “Mommy, will you play with me?” (She uses perfect grammar, but always in that irresistible baby lisp.)

I hesitate, then sigh. There’s so little time…

“Ok, honey.”

Her eyes light up as if we hadn’t played together in weeks. (It’s been about fifteen minutes.) “Oh, thank you!”

The dandelions are all going to seed, and the summer is waning, and next year my baby might not want to put flowers in her hair and mine.

The article can wait.







21 thoughts on “Finding and Losing Time”

  1. Oh you’re so very right! As a granny whose eldest grandchild is now 12, I can tell you that you’ll turn around twice and she will have reached that gawky, shrug-shoulder stage where it’s all about her friends and while she is still a sweetheart, she is growing up and doesn’t NEED your input any more. I’ve always done what you do – put all the chores on hold and played with the children – and while there is still a small sadness at the speed at which they outgrow the stage where they want to share their imagination with you – you won’t have the added sting of IF ONLY…

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  2. Oh this is just beautiful, Friend! I’m not really asked to play anymore; all the toys are for kids, not grown-ups. But I don’t mind so much; I get to watch, and listen, and laugh at their hijinks. I’ll take what I can get. πŸ™‚

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    1. Aw, thank you my friend πŸ™‚ Yes, those moments when they’re in their own world inventing their elaborate stories are a treat to listen in on! I don’t entirely mind that the little one can’t quite keep up with them yet, so I get her… πŸ™‚

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